Simple Ways To Keep a Healthy Prostate

swikahpAs I was listening to my Country music on the radio yesterday, I heard an ad about Super Beta Prostate. I never heard about the supplement before, but it caught my attention. I was recently told that I have an enlarged prostate and I should start taking better care of myself. After I heard the ad, I went to my computer and typed in Super Beta Prostate reviews. I found out that it is a pretty good supplement to take. The reviews that I read all said that it improved the health of their prostate. I ordered my first batch …

Help With Tax Relief

hwtrThere are online tax relief providers, which can help an individual to settle their IRS debts. Of course, IRS sometimes proves to be stressful without taking into consideration an individual’s circumstances or limitations. There are some good organizations that provide services like reduction of tax debt, tax relief and tax help. Choosing the ideal provider can be hectic as all of them claim several successes with tax issues. But there are ways of proving that a given provider has the capabilities of handling tax issues satisfactorily.

For a start, it is important to check the period the organization has been …

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International Worker’s Rights Remain A Strong Issue

(In light of Apple’s recent issues with Foxconn, I thought I’d post this gem from the past.)

Levi Strauss & Co. and Reebok Corp. are among the first three companies signing on to a new campaign created by the International Labor Rights Fund and other groups to promote workers’ rights in Chinese factories.

The companies agreed to implement 10 business practices regarding labor in these factories. Toymaker Mattel has also agreed to participate.

Workers rights are a huge issue for China's relationship with the world.

Workers rights are a huge issue for China’s relationship with the world.

“Workers producing goods in China are being exploited. They face hazardous working conditions and

Affordably Priced Hard Drive Recovery – Where To Get It

Basic fact in life: hard drives are bound to crash at some point in time. Since hard drives are very mechanical (and touchy), they will definitely show wear and tear over the course of time. Therefore, at some point, yours might have to be replaced or repaired. People are usually scared about getting hard drives repaired because of the huge cost involved and because the service lacks a guarantee of success. This means that some people try to repair their hard drives by themselves using rudimentary tools. But it is always safer to give broken hard drives to a professional …

Knowledge Officers Change Intellectual Property Forever

These new executive positions – some reporting to the vice president of human resources, but often directly to the CEO – are highly coveted. According to Diane Gayeski, professor of corporate communications at Ithaca College in New York and a partner in the Ithaca-based Omnicom Associates consulting firm, compensation packages for CKOs and CLOs frequently are in the $200,000 range.

While there’s no concrete count on how many companies actually employ these critters, one estimate holds that about 20 percent of Fortune 500 companies have a CKO or CLO. Another suggests that there may be 250 to 300 of them

Semiconductor Companies Get “Bonuses” Through IP

Protecting a semiconductor company’s most valuable asset; the legal department as a profit center

If it seems as though semiconductor companies are spending more and more time in court arguing about patents and their infringement, it’s because they are.

More patent infringement cases are being filed each year. Steve Barnes, associate editor of a trade magazine in the field of intellectual property (IP), told us, “According to the numbers we have received through the first 11 months of this year, there will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 to 16-hundred patent infringement lawsuits filed. I can’t give you exact

IP Law And 1394 Cores

Intellectual property (IP) provider Sand Microelectronics will target a market which some are referring to as “the only sure thing,” when it introduces a pair of synthesizable IEEE-1394 soft cores here at the IP’98 conference, a move that also expands the company’s growing list of PC peripheral bus macros.

Sand is unveiling two soft IEEE-1394 cores including the 1394DC device controller core and the 1394 CPHY digital cable-PHY core. In addition, the company is rolling out a design tool kit, dubbed the Sand Designer Advantage kit, that consists of an IEEE-1394 simulation mode, synthesizable cores and design aids. Babu Chilukuri,

Must Knows With RAID 10 Recovery And External Drives

The first thing that you need to do if you are in the progress of RAID 10 recovery is to determine if the problem is software or a hardware failure. After determining the costs, you can take the next step further and necessary to resolve your issue. The hardware failure is cost by damage in the physical components of a computer such as the motherboard or the CPU while a software failure has something to do with the programming side. The latter is more complex and can only be handled by the experts. If you are not really one the …

Universities Fight Term Paper Websites With Fire

A university lawsuit against Internet-based sellers of term papers once again raises a question that is cropping up across the net: Are World Wide Web-based businesses subject to the laws of every country, state and town where surfers connect?

“The courts are wrestling with this jurisdictional issue,” said Stuart Smith, a partner at Gordon & Glickson, a law firm in Chicago. “Several cases have come down on opposite sides.”

Term papers and free speech?

Boston University last week in federal court sued eight sites that provide the term papers, charging them with violating a law banning the sale of

The Supreme Court On Sexual Harrassment

The Supreme Court’s message: Put your pokey in writing, communicate it to every employee, and follow up on complaints.

The Supreme Court issued two sexual-harassment rulings last summer that should both worry and hearten employers.

On the downside, the court ruled that under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, companies can be held liable for the illegal harassing behavior of supervisors even when top managers had no idea that it was going on and were not negligent in any way. This was the strongest statement yet of employers’ liability for supervisors’ actions.

“It resolves all doubt

Choosing A Laptop Data Recovery Service for Broken Hard Drives

Laptop computers are not perfect and once in a while, they will present real problems. Some of these include malfunctions and the worst has to be a broken hard drive. Broken hard drives are common and if you have been a pretty accomplished user of computers then you understand that this is inevitable sometimes. It is important to be prepared and protect your computer but it is also equally essential that you have a plan in case your hard drive breaks down, and you require laptop data recovery. When it happens, you need to select an effective, and affordable …

Morality And Legal Ethics

Our opinion-makers still look for answers, while apparently believing that justice is equivalent to the infield-fly rule.

This interesting notion was offered, a few weeks ago, by a friend who teaches at the war college attached to one of our military services: His students were all seasoned veterans, in their forties; they had all seen military action; but they were still, twenty years later, the people who had been college students in the 1960s, and they had absorbed much of the secular religion that affected other young people at the time. They were, on the whole, skeptical of the notion

Does Litigation Support For Accountants Go Beyond The Limit?

As both courtroom witness and frequent lecturer on the CPA’s role in courts, Samuel Derieux, a retired Deloitte & Touche partner points out that “the accountant must be comfortable with the testimony to be given. If not, the accountant would be obliged to withdraw.”

It is essential that the accountant form his own judgments to avoid slipping into the role of advocate, he said.

When testimony becomes biased, the CPA’s objectivity can be challenged, putting his reputation at risk. And if jurors see the accountant as a ‘hired gun,’ the testimony would be discounted, he said.

Morton Levin, a retired …

Hard Drive Failure And Repair Tips

Sometimes the data held by a laptop or portable notebook computer may be extremely crucial for the user. If that data is lost, it is wise not to take risks and simply hire a professional hard drive repair company to retrieve that data. A normal PC technician might fail to understand the complexity of the system and threaten the hard disk recovery process. So, better that a laptop hard drive recovery service company is contacted. They have skilled workers whose expertise lies in solving these type of hard drive failure problems.

This hard drive is not recoverable!

These workers carry …

209’s Language Lives On

On Election Day, California voters approved Proposition 209, also known as the California Civil Rights Initiative, making unconstitutional government-sponsored race- and sex-based discrimination. Remarkably, one day later these same voters were told they had just engaged in an act of racial discrimination: Prop. 209, the American Civil Liberties Union claimed in a lawsuit filed in federal court, violates the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. The case likely will rise through the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to the Supreme Court for decision probably no earlier than the summer of 1998. The ACLU and its allies want not

A Foreigner Speaks On The Bill Of Rights And The Supreme Court

Coming from a country without a bill of rights, I was eager to experience its benefits and come to understand its operation, especially the ways judges place limits on rights and on their own powers. Countries like Canada and South Africa, which have only recently constitutionalized a bill of rights, have set down a catalogue of rights but then expressly conceded the power of the elected legislators to limit the exercise of those rights in a manner that is reasonable and justifiable in an open and democratic society based on freedom and equality. To lawyers in the United States, these

Living Wills Present Challenges

Patient rights in the living will area are governed by the federal Patient Self Determination Act of 1990, which requires hospitals financed by Medicaid and Medicare to inform patients of their right to specify whether or not they want life support. Every state has laws that allow some type of advance directive.

Among the ways patients can convey their wishes are living wills, which observers complain are sometimes too vaguely written, and “durable powers of attorney,” which give relatives or others the right to act on the patients’ behalf.

In many cases, hospitals and surviving family members wind up

The Constitution: Reframers Not Allowed!

The men who wrote the U.S. Constitution dreaded an imperial President, and they feared an unrestrained Congress. Either could destroy the new democratic Republic. So they established an ingenious system of checks and balances to prevent either branch from encroaching too far on the prerogatives of the other. But the Founders considered the judiciary to be inherently the weakest branch of government. They never contemplated what has happened –a willful judiciary that is fencing voters and their elected representatives out of the decision-making process.

Did anyone really know what these men were thinking? Except maybe God and themselves?

Abuse of

Aborigine Decision Looks To America’s Bill Of Rights For Leadership

In a way very similar to the way the US views the Civil Rights period in the 60s, the movement for aboriginal rights has been to Australia in the 1980’s and 90’s. Some historical background is in order. Ever since Governor Phillip landed at Sidney Cove in 1788 and claimed what is now known as the eastern state of Queensland for the British Crown, Australia’s Aborigines have been a dispossessed people in their own land. Unlike Native Americans, Aborigines have no treaties to go on; no Crown Government ever respected them enough to make one with them. They were invisible

UK Not As Free?

Generations of British – no, more accurately, English – politicians have proudly reiterated Westminster’s claim to be the “Mother of Parliaments”, in the belief that England is the home of democracy. Mrs Thatcher most vividly illustrates this tendency – instructing our European partners in Bruges, for example, that “since Magna Carta in 1215, we have pioneered and developed representative institutions to stand as bastions of freedom”.

But do our institutions actually deliver the goods? How do they, and the power relationships between them, compare with those of similarly “advanced” democracies? Close examination suggests the United Kingdom is lagging behind.


Argentina, Chile And Watching Our Own Rights

The degree of criminal activity in Argentina’s “dirty war” was never really measured completely, but it’s clear the numbers of “disappeared” were absolutely shocking to the world. Although some justice was served when, after a scrupulously fair trial, five members of those juntas were sent to prison, the fact is that it scarred the country and the peoples’ faith in government forever.

Unfortunately, Alfonsin’s successor as President, Carlos Saul Menem, had pardoned most members of the military and expressed his intention to pardon all but one of the officers still facing punishment. (Gen. Carlos Guillermo Suarez Mason, whose